Jennifer Morrisons exits, so what will come next for the hit American show “Once Upon A Time!”

Which Once Upon A Time showrunner will be leaving at the end of season 6?  Once Upon A Time has tried everything, and have brought in so many new characters. I remember the first day the series was launched back in 2011, and every time I look back on the first pilot episode I notice... Continue Reading →


TV Review- The Flash- Who is Savitar 

Will Iris die? That is the real question behind the whole series. Savitar, trapped in the speed force, awaits his return to destroy Barry Allen's loved ones; but how, how will he return and why does he hate Barry so much? Savitar the Speedster has named himself the God of all speedsters. He may actually... Continue Reading →

TV Review ‘Scream’

Reporter- Allen White The slasher series of all slasher series', bringing the movie franchise to Netflix in 2014. There have been two seasons of what I would say is a brilliant series and the third is scheduled to release in May 2017. But who is the new killer! Through the series there have been many... Continue Reading →

TV Review ‘11.22.63’

11.22.63 an adaptation of Stephen Kings novel Produced by J.J. Abrams. A high school history teacher Jake Epping (James Franco) travels back in time to stop the assassination of JFK. A brilliant story line with a brilliant cast. The series started off with a history teacher, Jake Epping who is going through a recent divorce,... Continue Reading →

TV Review ‘Iron Fist’

The Netflix defenders final member is coming to Netflix on the 17th March. Through watching the trailer we can see that Danny Rand returns from being away for a while to find his city and his business is under attack by his sworn enemies. Will this series attract my attention more than the other Defenders... Continue Reading →

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