Leeds Festival, My Shit Experience “kill me”

Reporter- Allen White

Last year was my first time at a festival and if you’re like me and hate camping, you will have so much fun…

Day 1, we arrived, me and a few friends got a bus straight to the entrance of the festival and from there I died inside. We all had early bird tickets which meant we could go a day early to get a good camping spot, and to chill and meet random people camping near by. When we got there the queue was massive and one of my friends even lost a shoe (RIP it was never seen again) but it was a lot smaller than I expected. At 4pm the queue was around 800 meters long, if I was in that, I think I would have died.

When we got there we found a camping spot, the only issue was we had no tents, as they were in a car. The car which our tents were in had not arrived yet meaning we had no tents. That wasn’t the only issue, we also had to walk for ages with massive bags, and after that everyone was just moody and drained. They did cheer up about 10 minutes though “lol”.

Once the tents arrived we started to set them up and it’s great when hardly no one in the group knows how to set up a tent. What makes it better is the girls tents was crazy, only took us 30 minutes to build. Luckily the people camping next to us had the same tent, it did turn out we built it wrong though because it wouldn’t zip up properly.

“Only gone and been my fault.”

So the first night everyone chilled, drank and just messed around, well that is kind of how the whole weekend went. I actually think I only saw 5 bands in total.

I actually hate camping and I feel like that was the main reason I felt so ill. By Sunday I needed to go home and it only cost 110 pound for a taxi. Yes!! some people say it was the biggest mistake of my life, but being sick in the toilets and not sleeping at all was shit. The 28 hours sleep I had when I got home was amazing.

I think I hated Leeds fest because of the rain, I think I would have enjoyed it way more if it was sunny. Throughout the whole weekend I don’t remember seeing one bit of sun. The mud was up to my knees and all my clothes were soaked due to someone leaving the door open on the tent.

I feel like if I was going to go back I’d want to make sure the weather forecast said sunny, but to be honest last year it was supposed to be sunny and that never happened.


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  1. Your experience sounds absolutely terrible! Festivals aren’t for everyone I suppose… There are better ways to enjoy listening to your favourite bands’ music 🙂


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