The Flash- The Big Reveal

So the Flash is coming to a end, with the final two episodes. Is everyone else on the edge of their seats. So last week, the reveal was made, was it as good as I expected, I’m not sure, but what I can say is the way they have done it, is so good. You can see the darkness in him and the way Savitar is portrayed is amazing, so let’s see what we know.

Savitar will always happen, it’s like the chicken and the egg you never know what came first, and there will never be a way of finding out which makes the storyline so much better, but this does tell us a lot about Barry’s character. So Savitar has become so fast that he needs a special suit to stop him from dying when he runs so this tells us Barry can also become even faster than he is. But the question on my mind is where did he find this suit, the only person I know capable enough to make something like that is Cisco but why would he create something so evil and not red.

Savitar is a time remnant created by future Barry, he was made to fight Savitar and when he was created the team looked at him as a puppet, like he was nothing to them. This made him dark and made him feel so unwanted. When the Remnant confronted Savitar he wasn’t killed because as I said the chicken and the egg dilemma, the remnant is the egg he is the start of Savitars timeline.

So what would I do, Barry has already travelled to the future, so why doesn’t he just do it again and instead of going to 2024 why not go to 2019 the year the future Barry traps Savitar as wouldn’t it make sense to just stop him from making the Remnant as then there would be no Savitar in Barry’s time, would there?

But in episode 21, we heard the future Flash say “when you travel back in time as much as me, it doesn’t really matter what happens.” So we all know the flash will save the day, but at what cost, trapping Savitar in the speed force sounds way too easy, the way the last few episodes are going, but if he does trap him would this be the end of Savitar, as then the future Barry will not make a remnant, would he?

The speed force is complicated and poor Jay is still stuck in there, when will he ever leave, no one knows. But I’m really confused Barry ran into the future and he gave the designs of the Speed force bazooka, to the present time flash, but if I was Barry I would just give him the machine as then he would have to go through all this trouble.

Since we first saw Savitar and since the start of season 3 we have seen clues and hints around every corner, one main clue was from future Barry telling him not to trust Barry, but another main one was how Savitar kept saying I am future Barry!! Every time I watch the scene where Iris is killed, he always says “I am free of you” but it confuses me because how is killing Iris making Savitar free, isn’t that the reason he gets trapped in the future because now Barry will never give up.

Killer frost is not fully in control, we saw that at the end of episode 21, so can Caitlin Snow fight her new personality, for her to be reunited with her family. We know Savitar has offered her something in return, but what? I feel like Savitar has offered to save Ronnie as she does and will always love him dead or alive. We also saw in this episode that Julian has a hold on her, and we know in previous episodes that she does care about him. Caitlin has had a fair few heart breaks in the Flash following Ronnie’s death, Jay being Zoom and now Julian, but at least she is the one doing the heartbreaking now. I really hope she doesn’t take someone’s life as I feel that is the point where there will be no return for Caitlin.

Savitars life is basically just a complicated mess, he was created to fight himself and then decides to go back in time to create a following, but he always ends up being imprisoned so why hasn’t he figured out a way of stopping that.

I can not wait to find out what happens next, will Barry kill him or will it be as simple as locking him away, but whatever happens we know it is definitely going to change the team, and if Iris survives I’m sure she is going to want to live her life to the fullest.


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