Newcastle band ‘Dose’ headlined gig at Brujas April Fools event.

Staff Reporter- Allen White

Brujas April fools event, held at Voodoo Cafe Darlington, really blew the roof off.
Fresh from their headline performance at Riverside in Newcastle last month, Dose were excited to be back in Darlington.

The band, made up of five north-eastern students: Ewan barr 19 (vocalist and guitarist) Sean Turland 17 ( vocalist and guitarist) Matthew Collerton 17 (bassist) Max Southern 16 (drummer) and Sam Campbell 17 (synth and guitarist).

The first performance of the night came from Sorry Escalator a shoegaze band from Middlesbrough and Leeds.  They started off the night brilliantly with their original songs which set the mood to a psychedelic tone.

The venue is one of the quirkiest places going with Halloween decorations and paintings all over the walls. One of the bands have said “It brings real character to the venue and it is pretty inventive in the way it looks”

Salvador, a band from Newcastle, are a freewheeling, outlaw garage rock band. They could change the tone of the room really quickly through their music and I love that in a band, as if they can control the audience, they must be good.

One person from the audience, Noor Bawarish from Darlington said:” the way the tempo increased and then plunged down for their song called Butterflies, really forced a sombre mood in the room”

I can well in truly say, Dose were outstanding and there music really Brought the room to life. The indiest looking band in the world have really outdid my expectations. I will definitely want to go see them again.

I never usually would listen to music like this and till about 5 months ago, I had never heard of dreamgaze music but it really has opened my eyes to all the different types of music out there and this band is definitely going to go places.

At one point in the night, I did nearly lose my ear drums, but If you can still hear once you’ve left a gig, was it really worth it.

As the band got ready for their last song, Ewan had a big gulp of wine as they prepared for their final song

Now most music I listen to normally have lyrics and this band has few but it’s not the lyrics that make a band, the music does. The way the music can just change the atmosphere of the room and the way they made the people sway side to side really shows they have what it takes to one day be as good as slowdive and Slint.



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