Charity Band Night in aid to raise money for overseas travel 

Staff Reporter- Allen white

A night at the Voodoo Cafe has been planned to help raise money for an overseas placement in Honduras.

Amelia Constantine, 18, and two friends, Holly James and Julia Dudycz have organised the event to raise money for Amelia to travel to Honduras. At the end of August 2017 she will be travelling 12 months with the educational charity, Project Trust to spend a year teaching in a school.

To do this she needs to raise £6,200, can you help?

The event, which will  take place at the Voodoo cafe in Darlington included performances from Foreign Tide, Petals, Velvior and Tribus.

Foreign Tides, a hardcore post-punk band made up of  four students aged 17-19, AJ Byrne (Guitarist and vocalist) Jordan Duff (vocalist) Otto Speight (bassist) and Marcus McNiff (drummer) who in a recent interview said: “we are trying to bring metal music back to the North-east.”

AJ Byrne said: they are playing the gig, in order to aid a friend of the band. To help her raise enough money to make a difference in teaching overseas.

Petals, a indie/grunge band made of three 17 year olds Jason Nicholson, Zack Hammond and Tom Emmerson have said  “it’s a good venue and it always has a good turn out. It will also be a good opportunity to play in front of people who haven’t seen the band before” so be there to see if they play their new single ‘Castles’.

Velvior, a band made up of late twenty year olds, are excited to be back in Darlington as, to them, “the place seems like a second home”. The North-Eastern band have defined themselves as ‘gig-slags’ clocking in around 120/130 gigs so far and are very excited to have gigs scheduled in London, York, Birmingham and Edinburgh this year. The band have said: “We’re particularly pleased to be part of this fundraiser gig, knowing that we’ll get to make a positive contribution beyond entertainment it is a great feeling”.

Tribus, an acoustic cover band, made up of Stefan Coates, 21 and Laura Morrison aged 17 will be covering a large variety of pop songs on the night, one in fact, could be ‘Blurred Lines’ by Robin Thicke.

So come along and help raise the money for Amelia to help her get a little closer to achieve her dream, in Honduras.


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