Glastonbury, Leeds Festival and T in the Park- What the fuck happened to them?

Staff Reporter- Norman D Bates

When I hear, anyone mention any UK festival its usually followed by lots of talk about drugs and getting off your barnett. Now don’t get me wrong, that is completely my scene but what about the actual point behind a festival: the music?
To be honest I was going to write this article bashing the most recent Reading and Leeds festival line ups, talking about how shit the bands are and how me and my mates have decided to boycott the whole thing this year. But as I was looking through the official website and seeing the countless reviews people have written, as well as the history of headliners, my mind changed. I realised that yes, the music mattered a lot, but more importantly it’s what you bring to the festival that makes it so much more enjoyable.


So, you can have the best line up in the world (not that you give a shit but mine would be Jamie T, Arctic Monkeys and probably Kendrick Lamar) but if you have boring pals that prefer getting stoned in the tent rather than trying to climb the Ferris wheel at Leeds fest, or that go home a day early because, and I quote ‘I miss my bed’ then honestly you need new pals. Life’s quite boring unless you spice it up a bit and make a few daft memories along the way.

So yeah, to conclude my first article I say go out and do stupid things for fun, and it does not matter about the things you cannot control such as the festival line up, or the shitty UK weather, and focus on the things that are in your reach such as making people laugh and memories that you will take to your deathbed.


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