TV Review- The Flash- Who is Savitar 

Will Iris die? That is the real question behind the whole series. Savitar, trapped in the speed force, awaits his return to destroy Barry Allen’s loved ones; but how, how will he return and why does he hate Barry so much?

Savitar the Speedster has named himself the God of all speedsters. He may actually be a close friend of Barry, so the possibilities are many.

Possible theories:

Future Barry left a voice message informing the Legends of Tomorrow not to trust Present Barry since he came back from flash point. Is this a hint or a warning, that either Barry himself or someone from there may be Savitar himself. But this would not explain why he would kill Iris since he proved in flash point that him and Iris will always end up together. But maybe in a alternative world he couldn’t have her, which made him bitter and his jealousy drove him into madness thinking that if he could not have her then no one can.

Wolly West- in recent episodes Wolly has been picking up his speed and has even learned a lot of what Barry did in a shorter period of time, in episode 12 of season 3 Barry and Wolly had a race and if Wolly knew how to go through the building he may of won. Does this mean Barry isn’t the fastest man alive? Will Wolly get big headed and lose control of his power? Wolly was locked in the speed force and had to watch his mum die over and over again. This may have scared Wolly, and maybe even changed him.

Reverse Flash- his life was ruined, and he has returned in The Legends Of Tomorrow trying to change the past. He also needs to avoid the Black Flash from hunting him. Thawne is manipulating the past, will this change any of the present events which are happening in the other DC worlds.

Zoom- at the end of season 2 we thought we saw the end of Zoom but in the Legends Of Tomorrow a Black Flash appears, looking for Reverse Flash showing that something has changed within Zoom, mainly appearance-wise especially his grim reaper look but on the other hand is he still all there, or is he a totally different character altogether.

Jay garrick- he has helped the Flash over many episodes and has warned him about making flash point and has told Barry that the future where Iris dies is only a possible one and it can be changed. Since then Jay has trapped himself in the speed force and in multiple occasions Savitar has said that Barry trapped him there. So is Jay a friend or will he become an enemy because of the prison inside the speed force changing him somehow.

In the series Jay tells Barry that he thought he was a myth.

Barry in the past had spoken to the speed force itself, however Iris pulled him out of it with the help of the team. Maybe he could have just asked them who Savitar was while he was there but did not.


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  1. It’s Wally West, not Wolly. That Barry and Iris will be together is pretty much fated (or destiny) since she’s his wife in the comics (and has been since Barry became The Flash in the Silver Age). BUT, some good thoughts here. I’m wondering who the Time Wraith chasing Reverse Flash is – since that was never explained in Legends of Tomorrow, and if Malcolm Merlyn messed with more than the Legends, since Arrow’s been seriously messed-up all season. Who’s Savitar? I suspect it’s someone close to Barry.


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