TV Review ‘The Originals S4E1- Gather Up The Killers’

The original returned on the 17th March. The city has been reunited and the original vampires are back! The locals have all come together but there are some new faces which are there to disturb the peace. Vincent “For a long time, they have been able to keep the monsters buried and now they need to make sure they stay buried.”

Klaus is still alive, hidden underground from the world. This is the monster which Vincent was talking about. We see that Marcel is keeping Hayley protected from the new vampires who want to kill Klaus’s family.


5 years on and Hayley and Klaus’s child Hope is a lot older now. Hayley has been looking over Elijah and the other siblings for the past 5 years trying to find a cure for the poison so that one day she may be able to wake them up, to make the family whole again.

Hope is something new to Hayley, her power is something that she has never seen. To wake up the Mikaelson Hayley first needed to find the 7 werewolf packs to use their venom to make a cure for the poison. But only 6 have be found until now.

We see that Marcel still goes and talks to Klaus, who is still very angry for his betrayal. Klaus no longer has the dagger inside him but Marcel does need his help. One of Klaus’s Past enemies is out for revenge and Marcel needs to make sure that the vampires know who is in charge and he can not risk them turning on him.

We see Hayley leave Hope with Jackson’s mother Mary, to hunt down the final pack member and through doing this we see that Alistair, one of the Klaus’s past enemies is out to find her, to kill all the Mikaelsons for good.

Klaus has made many enemies in the past and Alistair is just one of many. We learn very fast that he wants to kill the whole Mikaelson family for what Klaus made him do to his own family in the past.

Marcel knows that Alistair may be an issue and needs to prove that he has everything under control with Klaus, so he works with Vincent and Klaus to put an end to this enemies betrayal by proving that Klaus is more valuable alive than dead.


Through the episode we see that Hayley has 6 out of 7 venom’s to save the Mikaelson family but in episode one we see that she finds a member of the 7th pack and now has all she needs to bring back the Original family.

This episode and series has started off so perfectly and Marcel doesn’t seem as bad as a leader as you’d think. But now what enemies of the Mikaelsons family will appear in this upcoming series.

The episode ends with the the brothers returning. Along with that a bright flash of light behind a young boy, with a new symbol, but what does it mean and who are these new witches and why is Hope connected to them?

I cannot wait to see what happens next!!


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