TV Review ‘Scream’

Reporter- Allen White

The slasher series of all slasher series’, bringing the movie franchise to Netflix in 2014. There have been two seasons of what I would say is a brilliant series and the third is scheduled to release in May 2017.

But who is the new killer!


Through the series there have been many suspects and many killers but did season two’s story line ruin the show altogether.

Series one and two put you on edge wondering who the killer was. Watching season two again, makes you notice how many similarities there are to the first movie, with the killer boyfriend.

Everyone thought the Halloween special was the final episode of the slasher series however, the plot thickens due to murder within his cell. We see a different murderer within a new setting and background history. At the end though we watch the survivors go home, and we are left wondering what will happen next.


In the final moments of the episode we see Mr James enter a motel where he is staying. Who is this mysterious person, is it Brandon himself… did he survive the lake? Maybe it is his brother who hasn’t been seen throughout the series. We are left on this brutal cliffhanger.

The real question behind the whole series is, if it was Brandon would he want to kill Emma and her mother Daisy. Would he want to kill Daisy considering his past love for her before the police so called murdered him. Or was he always around watching and waiting to return, maybe the death of his daughter was the right time to return from his grave to claim his revenge on the Duvel family.

In series one my favourite speech from the whole series is when Noah was talking in his lessons and says, “Those are slasher movies. You can’t do a slasher movie as a TV series. Think about it. Girl and her friend arrive at the dance, the camp, deserted town, whatever. Killer takes them out one-by-one. Ninety minutes later, the sun comes up and survivor girl sits in the ambulance watching her friends’ bodies being wheeled past.” It brought the whole series to a great start introducing the story, making the audience wonder how the series will work since Noah said a slasher movie couldn’t be a series.

Since then I have loved the show and I am hoping that viewers and fans of the show agree and are ready for the next 6 episode season. Hopefully this will not be the end of the story all together.



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