TV Review ‘11.22.63’

11.22.63 an adaptation of Stephen Kings novel Produced by J.J. Abrams. A high school history teacher Jake Epping (James Franco) travels back in time to stop the assassination of JFK.

A brilliant story line with a brilliant cast. The series started off with a history teacher, Jake Epping who is going through a recent divorce, discovers that the world isn’t fair.

One of his students who experienced a troubled childhood dealing with the murder of his family by his violent father, was one main factors of the show. This is because one change in the past could change the whole future of the world. Jake changing this event could have had a massive impact on everyone’s future. Along the way he meets Bill who helps him on his adventure, but then eventually turns crazy with the knowledge of these powers. 

Al Templeton who owns Al’s diner, which contains a portal to 1960 is the main focus of the first episode. The reason why this portal is there is unclear.

For many years Al has resesrched the assassination of JFK. He came to the conclusion that saving him would save the world and stop many world disasters such as 9/11. However he was unable to complete his mission and so recruited Jake Epping.

James Franco stepped into 1960 from the portal and when he arrived he already had a basic idea of what he would need to do due to Al walking him through his past adventures. Needing to make money he decided to do this by gambling which caused some issues in the town when he first arrived in.

He then took the challenge of stopping JFK’s murder but came across some obstacles on the way, one in fact was love.

As Jake started his mission, the hopes for saving JFK were very doubtful,  the past kept pushing back, stopping him from carrying out his plan of action.


Once his accommodation was burnt down in a mysterious accident as of the past. But before Jake gave up on his mission he wanted to make sure he changed the life of a friend before progressing home to the future.

Harry Dunning played by Leon Rippy had a troubled childhood and Jake wanted to fix that and make him into the man he knew Harry could by stopping his father from Killing his family.

By succeeding this he met Billy (George MacKay) who’s lost his sister to the deranged father of Harry and through this he discovered why Jake was really in the past.

In my opinion the show based on the book works really well, it was a set out, and ended in a really sad,heart-felt way. My girlfriend was in tears as Jake gave up on his hopes to find love in order to save the future.

I was very confused by the Yellow card people. I wasn’t given enough information on them or why they are there, perhaps I need to read the book to see if that is mentioned more about these mysterious people.

Also when Jake comes back to the future after completing his mission we meet Harry Dunning the student and child he saved in the past. He told Jake all about the recent events since he has been away. No 911 no Vietnam, all forgotten all gone, but what came from changing the past was even worse. The show mentioned Kennedy Camps but not much is given on that area of the series. If a sequel was made I would love to know what they were made for and what happens next.

In my opinion if a season two was created it may not be what we are looking for. I wouldn’t want another series based around Jake going through the portal but I would love to see what happened in the 54 years after JFK was elected for president and what led up to the destruction of the city where Jake was living.

Generally, the series ended perfectly and making another could ruin it. In season one they finished the story, but there are still a lot of unanswered questions. Perhaps bringing the past back up could ruin the feeling of the show and maybe it should all stay in the closet after all.


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  1. I am in the middle of reading this book now and haven’t seen the series yet. I’m glad to read that this translates well to screen as many books don’t. I can’t say for sure but thinking back over “Hearts In Atlantis” there were “Low Men In Yellow Coats” who are evil beings that cause heartache and try to stop others from intervening in the business of evil. That’s not a perfect explanation but I don’t know that anyone can perfectly explain what goes on in King’s universes. Anyway…perhaps there is some connection between the Yellow Card Man and the Low Men In Yellow Coats?

    Thank you for sharing your review! I’m even more excited to finish this book now!


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