I Wanna Be Adorned ‘a fashion re-worker with her own hippy-styled, ethical loving business’

Reporter- Roxanne Wood

We met Sarah Gamble, a fashion re-worker with her own hippy-styled, ethical loving business ‘Adorned Duo’.


She turned up right on time, despite rushing around with a suitcase full of clothes. Her
crochet flower jumper was definitely one of a kind, matched with baggy jeans and a well-worn set of Docs. Some tattoos were noticeable due to how she’d worn her clothes. She looked like a hippy goddess. You’d have never thought she was still wearing last night’s make-up, hair unbrushed, and had shot this exact outfit on without giving it any thought. At only 23 years of age, her life is at its peak, working for herself, doing something she loves, and still being able to rock up to an interview straight from a night out.

Before we talk about your business, how did you know re-working clothes was what you wanted to do?
I used to help my Mum sell jewellery that she’d made when I was little, I’d bunk off school to help. She stopped for a while, but when we moved to Darlington she started selling again at the Sunday Market. Mum said I should try selling some shirts, ‘cause I’d made one for myself, and so I registered to sell them and now here I am. That was three and a half years ago! I guess from then on I had a good idea re-working clothes was for me.

So how did you get into re-working clothes and jewellery?
Oh I don’t know, the first time I made something was jewellery when I was like seven. I then tried to make clothes for my dolls. I literally got a dolls, threw it on a piece of paper, cut it and tried to stitch it up, I really thought that was how you made clothes. I also used to help my Aunt make tiaras, that was when I was like nine or ten so yeah, I guess I’ve always been creative, I was just never sure what I wanted to do as a job, but it just kind of happened I guess.


Where did the company name come from?
Well, we were called Ethics for like a long time, but we just fancied a bit of a change. We were bouncing words around and liked the word adorned. It means ‘beautiful’ and ‘enhance’. It’s good ‘cause we like the festivals vibes, going mad, putting everything on at once. And obviously duo came from the fact it’s a mother-daughter duo. We’re like the Gilmore girls.

What’s your favourite thing about what you do?
I love making the clothes especially, and I love packing orders from all over the world, it’s exciting. I love going and selling in person too, we go to fairs and festivals, and our space always looks like a trippy hippy den. It’s great. But, it’s definitely making the clothes I love the most, I’m just lucky people want to buy it.

What’s the best and worst pieces you’ve made?
I re-worked a jacket I owned, embroided an elephant head, hand stitched sequins on, and that alone took me four hours. I did loads to it and sold it to my friend for £50, but now I’d charge like £350 for that, it took hours! It’s easy to undercharge yourself. The worst thing is… well anything that goes wrong really!

What do you see for the future of the company?
I have an office now, but just to have a team of people really, so I’m not doing the ordering, the modelling and photographing myself. I don’t want it massive though, when you get too big you lose the fact you’re buying off a small business and the fact it’s getting reworked and is all ethical.

Find Sarah’s clothes at http://www.adorneduk.co.uk


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