Foreign Tides “It will be amazing to have an opportunity to play such a well-respected venue and introduce our music to possible new fans”

Reported- Allen White

Darlington post punk band, Foreign Tides, made up of four students AJ Byrne, Jordan Duff aged 18 and Otto Speight and Marcus McNiff aged 17, are trying to bring metal music back to the North-east. Allen White caught up with them when they took part in a charity event to raise money for the ‘Children’s Heart Unit Fund.’

Allen: What were your inspirations for starting a band?

Foreign Tides’ Jordan: “I feel like the music that we play was kind of missing from the scene and like the North East sort of lost its touch with heavy music, and I thought I wanted to bring it back.”

Foreign Tides’ Otto: “It’s a bit fresh and it’s not even hardcore.”

Foreign Tides’Marcus: “We have a strange sound and there is a lot of influences from indie side of things and metal side of things and we don’t want to sound like an average metalcore band and we want to stand out from the rest of what comes out of the North East.”


Allen: Who has signed you?

Foreign Tides’ AJ: “It’s sort of an on-the-go project with a label called Leafman records in York, and it’s a bunch of guys who get together and support local bands.”

Allen: How did you get scouted to play at the 02 Academy 2?

Foreign Tides’ AJ: “We played a gig with a band called Sworn to Secrecy and they asked us if we wanted to play with them later on in the year.”

Allen: How does it feel to be playing at the 02 Academy 2 later this year?

Foreign Tides’ AJ: “To be honest, we are ecstatic. It will be amazing to have an opportunity to play such a well-respected venue and introduce our music to possible new fans in the process.”

Allen: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Foreign Tides’ Marcus: “Leeds Festival main stage.”

Foreign Tides’ Jordan: “at least getting recognition from up and down the nation and possibly European states.”

Allen: Do you feel like you have grown much since you first came together as a band in February 2016?

Foreign Tides’ Otto: “it’s not even about recognition but it’s about us being musician. I only started playing bass when I joined the band.”

Foreign Tides’ AJ: “I can now sing in public now and I would never of even dared to do it when we first started as a band but as of these guys I now can.”

Foreign Tides’ Jordan: “it’s also a confidence boost as it’s definitely helped me push to do stuff I want to do in life.”


Foreign Tides played Musiclounge, Stockton on Friday 24th February with Neon Dolls and Ghost Signals.

Gig video-


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