TV Review- The Flash- Who is Savitar 

Will Iris die? That is the real question behind the whole series. Savitar, trapped in the speed force, awaits his return to destroy Barry Allen's loved ones; but how, how will he return and why does he hate Barry so much? Savitar the Speedster has named himself the God of all speedsters. He may actually... Continue Reading →

Asphodels- A new upcoming York based band

Asphodels are a York-based band made up of four York St. John University students which have their first gig on 6th May at The Fulford Arms, York. The band consists of AJ Byrne (Vocalist and Guitarist), Ryan Oldfield (Bassist), Denholm Horn (Guitarist) and Kieran Straw (Percussion).  The band which has been together since January of... Continue Reading →

TV Review ‘Scream’

Reporter- Allen White The slasher series of all slasher series', bringing the movie franchise to Netflix in 2014. There have been two seasons of what I would say is a brilliant series and the third is scheduled to release in May 2017. But who is the new killer! Through the series there have been many... Continue Reading →

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